family tourism in groups on weekends (minimum 20 people)

family tourism in groups

If you are a group of friends or families (at least 20 people) we offer spending a weekend at La Granja to breathe fresh air in nature, enjoy your friends’ company, play with your children and disconnect from work.

PRICE WEEKEND: 61,75€+ 21% AVT/adult – 43,90€+10% AVT/child (age under 3, 32,65€+10 AVT).

The price includes: Lodging board in a house exclusively for your group, private dining room. Full bed and board (from lunch on Saturday to lunch on Sunday). Homemade cooking (menu adapted to allergies or food intolerances). Afternoon snack for children (saturday). Visiting the farm animals of La Granja (without a guide). Use of outdoor facilities (fields, sports courts, table tennis with your own paddles). You must bring towels, sleeping bag or sheets. We do not have baby cribs or ping pong paddles. Train station is only 250 mts from the lodging site.

Activities for children: For 122,45€+10% AVT, you will have a monitor from La Granja to do 3 hours of activities on Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. The group can be a maximum of 12 children and the monitor will adapt the activities to their ages and interests (farm animals, adventure, emotional education, and so on). If the adults also want to take part in the emotional adventure activities with their children, the price is 142,85€+10% AVT per monitor (instead of 122,45€ and he can have groups of a maximum of 20 people). Our monitors are all trained in the Método La Granja©.

Other options:

  • Half bed and board with access to lodging at 4pm: 42,85€ + 21% avt (includes lodging, dinner and breakfast) / children 33,60 /under 3 years old 19,40€ + 10% avt
  • Bed and board: 51,55€ + 21% avt (includes: lunch Saturday+ dinner+ breakfast and lodging) / children 37,25€ + 10% avt / under 3 years old 24,50€ + 10%avt

For more information call Belén: 938481125 or mail

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