groups and parent/teacher associations

weekend meals for groups:

For a group spending one day at La Granja we offer…

PRICE 2023-2024: 21€ + AVT per adult / 16,82€ + AVT per child under 16 years old (Minimum booking 36 people)

The price includes: visiting the animals at La Granja (without a guide) and a stroll through the surrounding fields. Lunch. Schedule from 10,30am to 4pm.

If you want activities for the children (adventure, with animals or emotional education for parents and children together) you have 2 options:

  • One morning with 3 hours activities for children: 137,74€+ AVT per monitor (max 12 children. Accompanied by one parent).
  • Special Emotional Ed Activity for parents and children: 160,69  + AVT. This activity is called A TASTE OF EMOTIONAL ED WITH YOUR CHILDREN, and consists of 3 hours of adventure activities with your family, with horses and surrounded by nature.
  • AVT 10% 

For reservations call: 93 848 11 25 or email:

full bed and board for groups 2022-2023:

For groups of children and teenagers we offer a weekend at La Granja surrounded by nature. You will have a house to lodge in and your own private dining room. The Renfe train station (Palautordera) is only 250 meters from the lodge, and you will arrive by walking through the woods (not on the road beside traffic).

  • Full bed and board: 39,57€ + avt children and 45,94€+ avt adults (over 16 years old). Minimum 36 people. Does not include the room for teachers.
  • Half bed and board: 33,13€ + avt children and 36,92€ + avt adults (over 16 years old) (breakfast  + lunch or dinner). Minimum 45 people. Does not include the room for teachers.
  • Only sleeping: 21,70 € + avt children and adults (minimum 60 people). Kitchen cannot be used. Does not include the room for teachers.

    • AVT 10% 


The price includes: lodging in a house to yourselves according to the chosen boarding option (includes afternoon snack). Homemade food. Use of a field or sports court (let us know what you’ll need when you make the reservation). We will design a budget according to the facilities (halls, courts, theater, multipurpose room and so on) you’ll be using (price does not include the use of all facilities, only the house where you are lodged  and the outdoors such as fields, woods or courts). When you make the reservation, please ask us about the house rules.