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We offer conferences and workshops for parents, teachers and professionals who wish to learn the tools of emotional education through practice.

From the La Fundación de La Granja we offer lectures and workshops on different subjects related to the education of children and teenagers, as well as others that have to do with emotional skills with the aid of our experts.

If you are interested in any of these lectures or workshop, please fill out the form below. You can present your application for 2019-2020 individually or for a group of several schools.

speaker: Cristina Gutiérrez Lestón

conferences and workshops:

    • Train your child for life: There are two types of parents, those who prepare the path for their children, and those who prepare their children for the path: it focuses on overprotection and its consequences. Duration: one and a half hours. Capacity: no max number of attendants.
    • Discovering the power of emotions. To help understand the role of emotions and discover their power to educate our sons and daughters and turn what we feel into our best ally. Positive emotions, negative emotions and practical and easy resources for their regulation. The objective? Improve well-being at home and/or in the classroom. See video presentation of the conference.
    • Taking care of ourselves with words, communication that works: What do children and young people think? How to communicate with a child or young person with anger, low self-esteem or fear? A powerful talk with a lot of tools and resources of assertive communication to improve our awareness and the type of communication. Duration 1.5 hours. Capacity: there is no maximum.
    • Complaint, fear and errors: In a world where everything happens in a hurry, where uncertainty and mistakes  make us uncomfortable, and where complaint is a dominant factor both in adults and children, we will try to understand the meaning of complaint and fear, and acquire tools for changing attitude and behaviour (subject: managing complaint and errors). Capacity: no max number of attendants.  
    • Emotions, what are they for?: Workshop activity for a maximum of 35 participants to help understand emotions and how we can control them, as opposed to bei ng controlled by them. (subject: managing emotions). Duration: one hour and a half. Capacity: max 35 attendants.

    PRICE IN-PERSON CONFERENCE 1.250 €  (“La Fundación para la Educación” funds 40% for public/state subsidized schools and 30% for private schools, Public schools: 750€ – State subsidized:875€ – + 21% iva).   

    PRICE ONLINE CONFERENCE: 800€ (“La Fundación para la Educación” funds 40% for public/state subsidized schools and 30% for private schools, Public schools: 480€ – State subsidized: 560€- + 21% iva).

    The conference is done through the Zoom platform. Maximum of 100 registrations. If there is a higher number of registrations there will be a cost of € 30 for the expansion of tickets.

    The date of the conference can be changed upto a week before it is due. If a cancellation takes place within less than a week before it is due, refunding will not be possible.

Please fill in the form below to request a conference or workshop and we will get in touch for the details (distance of lecture site from La Granja must be 50kms maximum, aprox).