An introduction to the mysteries of Halloween, while practicing English.

8-9 year olds, 10-11 year olds and 12-17 year olds (3 days-2 nights)


  • HALLOWEEN: Introduction to the program (program 100% in English).
  • MAKE-UP WORKSHOP: To train cooperation and creativity, we will get a makeover and prepare the props for the party.
  • A TEST OF COURAGE: Helping to promote personal improvement (the concept of  “yes, I can”) in a dynamic and fun way.
  • THE HANGING BRIDGE: We will cross the hanging bridge while practicing English.
  • THE SPIDER’S FOREST: A circuit inside the forest where we will have to trust our companion.
  • THE WITCHES RECIPE:  All together we will prepare a pie for the party.
  • HALLOWEEN CIRCUIT: A circuit where we will have to be fast and agile to communicate in English.
  • THE HAUNTED CASTLE: A maze where we will experience a sense of mystery while following a route blindfolded.
  • THE MYSTERY ROUTE: A route through the forest where the sense of mystery will be the main ingredient.

activities night:

  • DINNER AND HALLOWEEN PARTY: Dinner in a Halloween atmosphere and disco dancing.