team work and awareness of where we come from

The objective is to bring the students closer to the world of archaeology by doing fun and dynamic activities, as well as promoting their skills to observe and interpret, and train team work and creativity.

6-7 year olds, 8-9 year olds, 10-12 year olds and teenagers (3 days-2 nights)


  • THE WORLD OF ARCHAEOLOGY: Introduction to the program.
  • WORKING AT THE ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE: A practical way to learn how to work on an archaeological site, as well as promote skills such as the ability to observe and make interpretations, and also how to coordinate with others and work together as a team.
  • INDIANA JONES CIRCUIT:  A circuit where we will train our senses like the “famous archaeologist Indiana Jones”.
  • THE MAGIC OF DRAWING: Like our ancestors we will use the art of drawing to convey our experiences as well as promote our creativity.
  • THE FOREST SEEN THROUGH AN ARCHAEOLOGISTS EYES: A stroll through the forest to observe and collect elements from nature to make tools with. We will promote the skill to observe and also creativity.
  • THE HANGING BRIDGE: As we cross the hanging bridge we will work on improving the student’s self-esteem.
  • MUSIC DURING PREHISTORIC TIMES: We will build primitive musical instruments as well as enjoy being directly in touch with nature.

activities night:

  • UNDER THE STARS: A stroll through the woods with the aid of flashlights to experience the thrill of the forest at night, and listen to old tales and legends.
  • DISCO PARTY: Dancing as a way to overcome shyness and improve group cohesion.