day trips

La Granja Tobogán azul

The objective is for students to make a pause in their daily routine and take a deep breath of fresh air in nature, to experience a day full of magic and learning.

safety measures

Apart from the advice provided by the Health Authorities, we will also be counselled by a doctor and epidemiologist to guarantee the safety of the children, their families and our staff.
Access will be controlled and measures will be taken before entering, such as: temperature control, safety social distancing, reduced number of participants, daily disinfection of facilities and turning La Granja into a place with restricted access.

La Granja is the first camp site in Spain with a Registered Method and scientifically proven results. Your students can make the most of this by training some aspect related to social and personal abilities, with no extra cost.

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Los Piratastable dottable dotAventura
Los Bandoleros del Montsenytable dottable dotAventura
The Big Adventuretable dottable dottable dotAventura table dot
Autoconocimiento con el caballotable dottable dottable dotEd. Emocional
Aprendiendo Juntostable dottable dottable dottable dotEd. Emocional
Y al final, ¿Qué nos queda?table dottable dotEd. Emocional
La Valentía y Superamos los miedostable dottable dottable dotEd. Emocional
la autonomiatable dottable dotEd. Emocional
La Cohesióntable dottable dottable dotEd. Emocional
Gestionamos los conflictostable dottable dotEd. Emocional
la Comunicación positivatable dottable dottable dotEd. Emocional
la paciencia, antídoto de la frustracióntable dottable dottable dotEd. Emocional
baño de bosquetable dottable dottable dotSentidos
despertamos los sentidostable dottable dotSentidos
pesebre vivientetable dotFiestas Populares
cagatiótable dottable dotFiestas Populares
carnavaltable dottable dottable dotFiestas Populares
halloweentable dottable dotFiestas Populares table dot
la castañadatable dottable dottable dotFiestas Populares
el otoño en el montsenytable dottable dotFiestas Populares table dot
primavera en el montsenytable dottable dotGranja y Naturaleza
ayudamos al planetatable dottable dotGranja y Naturaleza
visitamos la granjatable dottable dotGranja y Naturaleza
conservamos el medio ambientetable dottable dottable dotGranja y Naturaleza table dot

Prices 2021/2022:

infant education to high school

Price of day visits:

  • 13.10€ / pupil (september to april)
  • 13,40€ / pupil (may and june)

*The Cagatió visit has a price of 13,72€ / pupil, and the Nativity Program (Christmas) is 13,52€ / pupilo.

groups of 20 to 25 pupils

  • 20 to 25 pupils: 1 group
  • 26 to 50 pupils: 2 groups
  • 51 to 75 pupils: 3 groups
  • 76 to 100 pupils: 4 groups
  • 101 to 125 pupils: 5 groups

1 monitor per group

separador la granja

information and booking:

Make your reservation! Call 93 848 11 25 or send e mail to

if it rains…

Don’t worry, we will take care of you and make sure you have an unforgettable experience under the rain, by doing activities focused on  feeling closer to nature. We also have indoor facilities and porches.

what to bring

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Water bottle and cap (spring and summer)
  • Comfortable footwear (boots if it rains)
  • Warm clothes (autumn and winter)

basic schedule:

  • 10:00am Arrival and breakfast (brought from home). Teachers convey info about group.
  • 10:30am Putting away backpacks, wc, and getting ready to start.
  • 10:45h Presentations and introduction to program.
  • 11:00am Activities
  • 1:30 – 2:00pm Lunch outdoors in a field
  • 2.30pm Free time in field (teachers in charge)

Monitors from 10am to 2.30pm

visits in english:

For children from 8 years and older we offer the possibility of doing certain programs in English with no added cost  (the monitor will speak English during the entire morning visit).

separador la granja