awareness of our senses

feeling our emotions and emotional awareness

As human beings we perceive what happens around us through our senses; our senses collect the information from our surroundings. This program is designed so that younger children learn about the five senses and how to train. This understanding helps us become aware of our surroundings and to be able to adapt.

from kindergarden to 11 year olds


  • THE 5 SENSES: Introduction. We will work on emotional awareness.
  • TOUCH: We will walk barefoot over different textures and train our sense of touch.
  • HEARING: We will train the ability of active listening using sounds such as music or birds inside the forest. We will train our sense of hearing.
  • SMELL: Small bags with different odours will help us to identifiy and distinguish between different types of smells. We will train our sense of smell.
  • SIGHT: By visiting the farm animals and horses we will train our ability to “look and see” and also work on our visual memory. We will train our sight.
  • TASTE: Tasting different flavours and textures. We will train our taste.