caga tio festivity

This activity is to convey to children the spirit of the Christmas Holidays and Catalan traditions, to enjoy a day full of fantasy and surprises.

kindergarden and 6-7 year olds


  • NATIVITY SCENE AT LA GRANJA: Learning about the traditional nativity characters to promote the ability to observe.
  • SINGING CHRISTMAS SONGS: Maintaining the Christmas spirit by singing traditional carols.
  • MEETING THE WHITE WINTER FAIRY: The Fairy will tell us the tale of the “Tió” and keep up the enjoyment of the children.
  • SEARCHING THE STICK: Strolling through the woods we will promote the ability to observe and benefit from our natural surroundings.
  • CAGA TIÓ: Fun and surprises, as well as promoting the Catalan tradition of the “Caga Tió” (the “Tió” gives each child a gift).