enjoy autumn

la granja Bosc màgic

Autumn is the perfect time of the year to observe and experience the amazing changes that take place in nature. We will learn about these changes in a fun way while enjoying the landscape and surroundings, as well as the feeling of strolling through the humid forest which is so typical of this season. This day visit can be done in English.

kindergarden and 6-7 year olds


  • BECOMING LITTLE MICE: We will need a great deal of magic to enter a very special part of the forest.
  • THE AUTUMN SHOP: Learning about the typical fruits and nuts that appear in autumn.
  • MEETING THE AUTUMN FOREST FAIRY: The Fairy will tell us all about the life of the forest’s inhabitants during the fall season, promoting love and respect for our natural environment.
  • THE FOREST DURING AUTUMN: Strolling through the woods and observing our surroundings to discover the changes that occur during autumn and learn about a few of the different trees.