how to manage conflicts

emotional awareness, emotional regulation and assertive communication

Conflicts are inevitable and also necessary in order to grow as a group. In fact, a problem is not a conflict; the conflict may lie, however, in how we manage it. The objective of this day visit is to train the skills necessary to manage these conflicts in a positive way.

for 10-16 years old


  • WHAT IS A CONFLICT?: Introduction
  • THE CIRCUIT OF TRUST: We will have to train our sense of trust and responsibility to face the challenges of this circuit. Guiding or being guided are the roles that our students face in class on a daily basis. How do they feel when they play out each of these roles? We will work on improving the skill of becoming more emotionally aware.
  • WHAT DO I NEED FROM YOU?: An adventure activity where we will train positive, assertive communication: learning to express my needs in a positive respectful way. The important ability to foresee and solve conflicts without making judgements. We will work on emotional awareness and autonomy.
  • TRANSFORMING CONFLICTS IN OUR “PATH OF LIFE” CIRCUIT: A workshop with different activities where students will learn to transform conflicts in a positive way.

For this activity you will have to arrive at La Granja at 10am.