training session on emotional education for school directors and teachers Andorra

emotional education
emotional education

Friday, September 30th: II free day for directors and teachers

La Granja and Naturland invites you to be testimonials of how Emotional Education can be applied to a group of children, you will also experience and feel yourselves these activities.

Emotional education is effective and produces changes in the behavior and attitude of the students if one works in a practical way, and this is possible. For this reason we have organized this day, to demonstrate it and why it works and we want to share it.

Through adventure dynamics, teamwork and leadership strategies with natural domination horses, you will see how to enhance emotional development as a complement to the cognitive, since we understand both as essential elements of the expansion of the integral personality of each child .

The trainig day is free. We have invitations for your school or high school (places are limited).

separador la granja

program of the day

  • 09,30h Reception of directors and coordinators in Naturland. Accreditations and delivery of material.
  • 10,00h Introduction. How can I apply emotional ed in school? Our experience.
  • 11h Observation of a group of children.
  • 12,30h Practical activity, so you can observe our methodology.
  • 14.00h What do I take home?
  • 14,30h End of the day

results? see attending reviews

Merche “I recognized that my life has limitations produced by fear.”

Laura “I bring what matters to me, a particle of experience more than Laura.”

M.Rosa “reaffirm the conviction that emotional education is the engine of change that my center needs.”

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