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vive el deporte en la granja

sports campus for training cohesion and team work

A specifically designed sports campus during which you will also have access to courts for your training sessions. Players and coaches will follow a high impact program to improve team work, communication and cohesion, as well as other social and personal skills such as self-esteem, trust or anger management. Using the La Granja Method, registered and scientifically evaluated by the GROP from the University of Barcelona (November 2017) which shows an improvement in the 5 emotional competences (based on the theory of Bisquerra Alzina 2007). This is the same method used by the athletes of  La Masía in F.C.Barcelona, within their project known as Masia 360.

The importance of emotions and feelings when trying to achieve a good output in sports is wellknown. How many times has a feeling of “yes we can” been key to winning or loosing?

In the past few years, great coaches have introduced emotional intelligence as a factor in the making of great teams so, why not introduce it also among children and teenagers? This training can help change how they perceive themselves and who they can become.

Our proposal is a high impact Training Campus to provide tools to players and coaches for improving team work and cohesión, by doing outdoor practical experience-based activities.

2023-2024 sports campus for working on cohesion:

  • Price full bed and board + program: 43,09€ + AVT (niño) / 45,94€ + AVT (adults + 16 years old or coach)

    AVT 10%

  • Includes: Lodging in a house all to yourselves + private dining room + full bed and board+ Outdoor program for training skills, especially designed for the needs of each team, with experience-based activities during 4 hours every morning + use of courts (basketball, soccer, handball) during the afternoon for your training sessions + 1 coach free of charge for every 15 players + use of pool with lifeguard (only July to September).

FIELD WITH ARTIFICIAL GRASS: agreement with the Town Hall of  Sta.M.Palautordera (reservation must be made). Bus trip to field not included in the price (with public transportation there is an extra cost of 2€ per persona and trip).

*schedule of training program can be adapted.

Homemade cooking (with menus adapted for allergies and food intolerance).

2023 -2024 sports campus (only full bed and board):

  • Price full bed and board: 39,57€ + AVT (child) / 44,92€ + AVT (adult + 16 years old or coach).
  • Price only morning + lunch: 23,74€ + AVt (child) / 24,70€ + AVT (adult + 16 years old or coach).

    AVT 10%

The price includes: Full bed and board in a house all to yourselves + homemade cooking (with menus adapted for allergies and food intolerance) + use of courts for training (one for every 20 players).

You must bring your own sleeping bag. The train station is 250 meters from the lodging location.

emotional education outdoor training of team work (one day)

A powerful high impact one day training session with practical activities in nature and the use of horses. The objective will be adapted according to the needs of each team, promoting cohesion, team work, positive communication and anger management.

Skills we can work on are: fear management, pressure and anxiety, positive communication, team work and cohesion, empathy, self-esteem, tolerating frustration, patience, error management, automation, optimism, alignment, complaint management, ambition, humility, generosity versus  ego, creativity and proactivity.

One entire day (10.00am to 5.30pm approx.) during which we will perform activities such as: sailing as a team, leadership with horses, the circuit of trust, the anxiety maze, the castle of errors…

PRICE for the year 2023-2024, training session with expert Emotional Educators:

  • ONLY MORNING: from 10.00am to 2.15pm – 19€ + AVT*
  • ENTIRE DAY: from 10.00am to 5.30pm – 25€ + AVT*

*Lunch is optional: 12€ + AVT (children up to 17 years) / 15€ + AVT (adults). Minimum 14 athletes.

AVT 10%