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day visit “we are a team”:

La Granja, Ability Training Center offers an Outdoor Training day during which the main objective is that students understand the meaning of working as a team to be able to have a sense of union in the class and train the ability of leadership.


Activities during the morning (from 10am to 2.15pm) with an emotional educator from La Granja. We adapt the dynamics to the future profession of the students. The activities are the following:

  • Leadership with a horse: to discover natural leadership. We work on emotional autonomy.

  • The Path of Life, where we work on emotional awareness.

  • The Mission Circuit (circuit with different challenges to train working as a team). We will work on social competence (active listening and respect).

ACADEMIC YEAR 2023-2024 PRICE: 15,70€ VAT 10% included.

emotional intelligence stage:

We are all aware of the importance of social skills when working in any company. Today, these aspects are more highly valued than technical knowledge. Working as a team, personal entrepreneurship, positive communication or emotional self-control are basic resources that students don’t often have or even understand. The objective of this Stage is to work on these aspects by doing practical activities.


Emotional awareness with a horse. Sailing as a Team. The bridge of positive communication. The Mission. The route of trust. Survival in the woods as a team. Circuit of unity. The forest of good vibrations. In the evening, activities to promote group cohesion.

Activities will be from 10am to 1pm + 3.30pm to 7pm + 9pm to 10.30pm. We will adapt the program to the future profession of the students.

Your group will be lodged in a house of its own. Minimum 20 people. You can come by train, the station is 200 meters away. Free emotional ed training for escorting teachers. Price includes full bed and board lodging and all activities. You must bring sleeping bag and towels.

PRICE between September 2023 and March 2024: 3 days 147,00€ + 10% VAT / 2 days 107,49€ + 10% VAT. Includes full bed and board, and training program.