Our intention at La Granja is to promote Emotional Education in order to reach out to as many children, youngsters and adults as possible all over the world. For this reason, we offer investors, independent professionals and organizations two ways to obtain the La Granja Method, whose results have been scientifically proven to increase the emotional competences of children after their visit to La Granja.

Our expansion has already materialized in Madrid, where a replica of La Granja was inaugurated in 2019, attended by schools from all over the Community of Madrid, as well as students from the Complutense University of Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

We have a department prepared to replicate “La Granja” both in other areas of Spain and the rest of the world. We also offer licenses for the La Granja Method, which is especially designed for independent professionals and organizations (schools, English Academies, sports clubs and so on)

The consolidation of the project and the continuous demand from parents, groups, entities and associations to experience in their own environment what we do here at La Granja Ability Training Center, opens up a path that fills us with hope that we may someday achieve our dream: the belief that all children have the right to learn social and personal skills in order to improve their life and wellbeing.

La Granja has developed a project to open other centres around the world, surely there is a place for one near you.

Formula: model replica

  • Project implementation and constant support.
  • Exclusive development and support team.
  • Rigorous and scientifically proven educational innovation.
  • Framework in emotional education at social, academic and media level.
  • Talent management and continuing education.
  • IT support and APP.
  • Advertising, marketing and communication.
  • Application of personalized knowledge adapted to each territory.
  • Geographic exclusivity
separador la granja

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