la granja solidarity

una educación para todos

we have the social commitment to make a better world; we bring emotional education to those who need it most.

La Granja & Solidarity is an Emotional Management Program aimed at children who do not have the same opportunities as the rest, whether for medical, social and/or economic reasons.

We do not want to leave anyone on the way, and we want to offer our La Granja Method to all those children, young people and adults who need it most, to provide them with the tools and resources necessary to face life in a more positive way so that it can generate a greater well-being, despite their circumstances.

childhood hospital sant joan de deu

We are promoting an Emotional Management project with children affected by Neurofibromatosis throughout Spain, which in 2019 are developing a tailor-made Emotional Training Program, through which we aim to reduce the depressive anxiety symptoms among other aspects.

Drc, rehabilitation centre for disabilities, nepal

Every summer a group of teenagers visits India and Tibet in a solidarity program where they visit different projects and volunteer activities in orphanages and local schools. In parallel with the aim of complementing voluntary action, the Foundation has allocated funds to cover the needs of the centers visited by our students; such as school uniforms, wheelchairs, personal hygiene material.


The invulnerable project led by Sor Lucia Caram is an alliance formed by the Department of Social Welfare and Family, Barça Foundation and Obra Social “la Caixa”, with the aim of fighting against the poverty of our society. La Granja collaborates with the project, hosting every summer children from the program of invulnerables to enjoy the summer colonies and helping to disseminate the emotional management of children and their families.