research & dissemination

Our goal is to integrate Emotional Education in society as an indispensable tool in the educational system, in businesses and in familIes.

To scientifically evaluate the training methodology provides us with the necessary rigor to take firm steps towards our goal and allows us to disseminate and communicate with empirical data the benefits of Emotional Education in society.


From the Foundation we promote the scientific aspect of the La Granja method together with our scientific partner: the Research Group in Psychopedagogical Orientation (GROP) of the University of Barcelona.

We have designed a scientifically tested evaluation system that allows us to assess the significant changes in the emotional competences of people who carry out emotional training programs (PEE) with the La Granja Method.

This constant research allows us to develop new educational programs making them more precise and innovative.


Disclosure in the field of emotional education is what makes society and professionals in the field aware that other ways are feasible and scientifically effective. We have an annual informative program through which we disseminate and share experiences, resources and tools for a rigorous Emotional Education open to the world.