la granja method

"solo yo decido mis retos."
dayani, 10 anys

Our method is based on the practice of emotional education in a way that works with today’s children. We firmly believe that the best way to integrate what they learn in relation to this type of education is by making them aware of their emotions. La Granja Method* is being tested since 2005 with over 10.000 kids every year who come to La Granja, aged between 3 and 18 from all around Catalonia.

The La Granja Method is used in the emotional education program at La Masia in the Barcelona Football Club (with their athletes, families, trainers, coaches and staff); with students from the University of Barcelona; the Blanquerna University and the International University; with schools such as Betúlia, La Salle, Dominiques or Escuelas Pias and with companies such as La Fageda, Henckel, Factor Humà, Infojobs, Grup Pyrènèes Andorra or Bayer.

*Scientific Evaluation Study of La Granja Method© performed by the GROP,(Educational Orientation Research Group from the University of Barcelona (November 2017), using a sample of 132 children between the ages of 8 and 14. The study proves there are significant changes before and after the study in the 5 emotional competencies observed (awareness, regulation, autonomy, competence for life and wellbeing). The study also evaluates level of anxiety in students, showing a significant decrease in the different states of anxiety.