How can we measure the results? What works for us and guides us is what children say.

what is more reliable than their own words?

  • “You know what? I left my fear back in the forest, I don’t want it with me anymore!” Laura, 8 years.
  • “We’ve created a web between us with our smiles and our tears.” Nerea, 15 years.
  • “I am capable of doing more than I thought!” Júlia, 7 years.
  • “I am strong and brave… and I didn’t know!” Pau, 8 years.
  • “I will take home with me a feeling of freedom, and a feeling of being special and unique.” Kydia, 9 years.

but it also works with adults!

  • Anna Fernandez. Student of the Master in Emotional Education at the University of Barcelona. I NO LONGER FEAR MY OWN FEARS: “Suddenly your heart beats faster. You stop hearing what’s outside and you only hear a voice inside you saying… “I can’t do it, it’s impossible”. Cold sweat on my hands and an ever faster beating of the heart. But… “What if I could?” In a few seconds my hand is raised and the challenge accepted. You face your own fear, the one deeply rooted inside you. Your legs shake and you only want to turn back, but you’re not alone. The entire group supports you and cheers you on. And somehow, you are staring at your own fear straight in the face. And, guess what? It is more scared than you are. Fear suddenly disappears and you feel free. No second thoughts. Look at your fears straight in the eye. With your own strength and that of your friends, fear ceases to be frightening. Thank you for helping me stare at my fears directly in the eye.”
  • Noemí Ezequiel Germes. Student of the Master in Emotional Education at the University of Barcelona, Social Integration Technician and Teacher in the field of Special Education. “The entire weekend was full of “realizations”. It was a weekend full of positive experiences during which team work and sharing gave us the chance to delve more deeply in getting to know ourselves and the group, thus achieving a greater degree of group cohesion. After a few days, and reflecting on my “realizations”, I came to see that I have taken with me very significant knowledge that has given me the chance to become more aware of who I am, of what I am, of the reasons for being who I am, of my strenghts and the things I must improve, but more importantly, where I come from and why I do the things I do. For all these reasons and many more, thank you!”