Free dynamic on the effects of a year long pandemic

Free dynamic on the effects of a year long pandemic

It’s been a year since the beginning of this harsh pandemic, and thinking about doing something to help, we have created this free Dynamic to do at work, but also at home (from 9-10 years onwards), to make it easier to understand the process that we have and are living through. It is true that we all have a kind of room left behind in our interior (the things that are unresolved, that are to be resolved, that are to be done, that are to be repaired or to understand), and the pandemic has possibly filled ours little more.

From La Granja, we invite you to “celebrate” this anniversary by putting some order in this room, so we don’t worsen situations, attitudes or behaviors, because understanding provides calm and tranquility and calm.We want this Dynamics (with a rigorous job behind it), to help you!!!

How does it work?

1st Open this link and see the graph of the last year, with the collective Emoticon intensity level.  The stages we have gone through are coming out. You will see that it is interactive and with very close language.  Click on the title to understand the goal of the work behind the graph.

2nd With your group (at work, in a guest or online team meeting, or at home), open the application with a computer so that everyone can see the graph well.

3rd Start by clicking on “impossible” (February 2020). Exits a letter. Read it out, then ask:  Who lived it like that? Who lived differently?  And let each participant respond or share whatever they like, because the goal is to share, quite simply. The leader of the activity is the first to respond.

4th Click on “Flipo” (March 2020), and follow the same process to the end of the graph, “Uncertainty”.

5th Click on the last two questions as well, and whoever wants, to think. Please reinforce the positive and inspiring message of the end.

6th Ask each participant: “After reading all of this, how do you feel?” Most are responding “make more calm”, “minus culpable”, “I understand a lot of things”, “prepared for a 4th wave”…

Fou can freely share this dynamic with anyone you want (inlined nets). The more people have resources, the better we will all be.

If it helps you, we will feel more than satisfied!!!