mothers, working from home and covid-19

The combination of being a mother, working from home and the long lockdown we are experiencing has produced a real Tsunami of emotions in many women who have felt overwhelmed by this brutal situation, wanting to do everything at once and not being able to; working under pressure, homework, chores at home, shopping for groceries, cooking for the family… the stress of having to keep everything clean and disinfected, changing habits, feelings of guilt, feelings of being a bad mother because you are so stressed out, lack of sleep, anxiety, lack of space, neglecting to take care of yourself…

Fathers have also been there of course, but allow me to address this tribute to the mothers, because you have really done the heavy lifting, managing to survive the lockdown and the enormous responsibilities as a mother, teacher, spouse and professional  juggler with more or less dignity; and now you are exhausted, literally overwhelmed because there is no break so far and this situation seems to go on forever. But this is normal in the present state of things, and you must give yourselves permission to feel like your batteries have run out. 

Even so, you continue to pull all the weight, blocking out your feelings in order to move forward. This is the beginning of a new phase with a necessary readjustment, and there is still a long way to go; many children fear leaving the house, others are short-tempered and angry, their dependence on networks, video games and shows on tv has become widespread… and fear makes many of our daily decisions. There is still so much work to be done!!!

You know of your own courage, and that you will find the strength to do whatever is necessary for your children, but often you also feel weak and break down and cry.

Women you are so brave, such an honour to our species, even if no one tells you, or thanks you, or values all that you do…. You have held up your own tribe and in doing so, also the entire country.  

Don’t feel guilty… doing a perfect job was not the issue here. Everything is okey.

Cristina Gutiérrez Lestón

Emotional Educator, author of “Growing with Courage” (Grijalbo) and director of La Granja.