TV3- Toto es mou: Keys of teamwork

Ruth Jiménez has prepared a kind of gymcana on the set to test us as a team. As she explained, teleworking is causing us to work more and more alone, and we are slowly losing our skills of teamwork. And this causes unrest, distress and stress. More and more companies need to realign the teams and they turn to Cristina Gutiérrez, an emotional educator. Today she has been on the program to give very interesting keys to train the skills we need to work as a team, and they will bring us strength and optimism. The expert has explained to us why teamwork is important, whether it produces well-being, how we can master this skill, whether teleworking hinders team work and cohesion and what is needed to work as a team. Finally, we have ended up doing three exercises to promote teamwork.

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