who are we?

We are La Granja, a School Farm and Ability Training Center, technically a skills accelerator. In the town of Santa Maria de Palautordera. Located at the Montseny Natural Park which is considered a biosphere reserve.

We have created a world surrounded by nature, animals and horses, magic and freedom, where anything is possible. A world where emotional education is the tool we use, and where learning to share while living together will be a positive experience that children will cherish forever.

More than 18.000 boys and girls come to La Granja every year. They come for day visits and camps with their schools during the school year, and also with their families during the summer.

Due to our experience and what we see every day, we have a committment with the education of our country. This is why during the past 15 years we have been developing a methodology, based on emotional education that works with boys and girls today and which we want to share with the rest of those working in the educational field.

La Granja has won the following awards: for “Values in Business Management” from the PIMEC Foundation, for “Educational Excellence” 2019 from the Gala Foundation, for “Best Workplace and People Development” from the European Business Awards (EBA), prizes for 2019 Sports for the project “Emotional Education in Sports” from the Catalan Sports Foundation, and the EMAS 2010 prize for “Best Involvement with the Environment”.